Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sigma The Cities Paris Brush Set Review

With all the hype and glowing reviews about Sigma brushes, I just had to try it. Despite the insane waiting time to take advantage of Sigma's Black Friday free shipping offer, I managed to place an order for this brush set as well as the synthetic kit.

For this review, I used this brush set exclusively for a week. Please take my comments about the eye brushes with a grain of salt as I am a complete novice when it comes to eye makeup. Plus, I did not use the eye brushes as much because I did not (and still don't) have much time to apply eye makeup in the mornings before I leave for work.

Eye Liner E05 - I have not used this for gel liner, but found it worked well for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes or softly lining my eyes with powder eyeshadow.

Tapered Blending E35 - Mine didn't seem tapered at all. But it was soft enough for blending eyeshadows.

Small Tapered Blending E45 - It didn't seem so tapered after washing (even with bristle guard), but it would still create a sharp line when I used it for my crease. Let's chalk that one up to my lack of skill.

Large Shader E60 - I tried the brush for eyeshadow, but it was too big for my eyes.

Small Contour F05 - This is the worst brush in the set. The small size would have been perfect for me, but it is stiff and very scratchy, possibly the scratchiest brush I own and I do own a few cheap brushes. It also bled a lot when first washed.

Duo Fibre Powder/Blush F15 - I used this for my cream blush, and I like it. As long as I just use it on its side, it's fine. But I find it scratchy when used to stipple anything.

Large Powder F30 - Surprising softer than the blush/contour brush F05. It's ok, but my Eco Tools powder brushes are better so I doubt this will get much use. This also bleeds a bit when washed.

Brush Holder - It's quite hefty to keep brushes from toppling over. My only concern is that the threads cuts through the faux leather flaps and it looks like the flap will be ripped off soon (and I haven't even used it much).

I have washed the brushes multiple times and used Pantene conditioner on the powder and the blush brushes in the hopes of making them softer, but to no avail. Maybe I should use MoroccanOil?

I am so glad I was not sucked into the gold-plated London version. I expected softer brushes from Sigma, based on all the reviews I read/watched. Also, I find the set lacking as there are two blending brushes but only one shader brush which is too big for me.

Have you tried Sigma brushes? Any suggestions on what I can do to make these softer?


  1. I find that whenever I see a positive Sigma review, I immediately look to the sidebar and lo and behold, Sigma are one of their advertisers :p

    I have a set of brushes from Furless (http://furless.com.au/ ) - they're vegan and have some beautiful cheap sets or individual brushes. Maybe?

    Also Silk Naturals do some great no-name brushes: www.silknaturals.com

  2. Thanks, Suzanne! I have a few more brushes to try out, but I will read up on Furless and Silk Naturals. My shopping list gets longer with every blog I read :)



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