Thursday, January 5, 2012

Guerlain Chamade 164 Rouge Automatique Lipstick Review

This is my first Guerlain lipstick and my first foray into really bright lipsticks in a long time. It is absolutely brilliant and an instant favourite.
What they say: A hydrating and long-lasting lip color in an innovative flip-top applicator. This amazing formula combines long-lasting hold with comfort and radiance in a burst of beautiful colors. The sophisticated gold-tone applicator lets you open and close the lipstick with a quick-gliding switch using just one hand.

While the packaging could use a bit more heft, it is still a luxurious looking lipstick and the flip-top feature is quite handy. Application is super smooth, with no need for a lip balm even for my dry lips. Most lipsticks dry me out, even those that are meant to be hydrating. So it’s a huge deal that its hydrating claim is actually true for me.

The Chamade shade is described as a “deep rosy pink”, and it is a great way to brighten my face especially when I couldn’t be bothered with much makeup (pretty much everyday). The colour is slightly sheer, but it can be built up in a few swipes without feeling heavy.  I like that I can use it sheer for work, and a bit heavier for after work events. Though it falls short of being opaque, it still makes a bold statement lip for me.

This was taken in daylight and is closest to its actual colour.

For such a lightweight lipstick, it lasts me all morning through coffee/tea. It fades into a nice stain after my occasional light lunches. Though it is no match for my usual lunch fare of greasy Asian food (I know, I really need to eat healthier).

L-R: Guerlain Chamade 164, Guerlain Geisha 23, YSL Le Orange 13
(Yes, I'll be reviewing these other lippies soon.)

I bought this as a trio at the airport, and it worked out to be AU$30 each (duty free was having a $20 off promo). I feel that it's a great value for such a hydrating, lightweight lipstick in a superb colour, for me at least. I have been enjoying this shade so much, so I've been saving the other two shades for when I feel an urge to buy a new lipstick but will instead just open my stash.

Overall, I really love this shade and would absolutely repurchase, even at Aussie RRP which I think is around $50. I only carry one lipstick in my purse, and it’s been a purse staple the entire month of December. Though there are days when I forget to wear lipstick, I’ve used this almost daily. I brought something else with me today to review, and now I regret not bringing the Guerlain. I may have to break my one lipstick rule for this and just always carry the Guerlain with me, along with whatever else I’m testing.

The following photos were taken in daylight. It's how I usually wear this lipstick.


  1. xD I admit, this made me want to travel just so I could buy makeup duty free. This shade really compliments your skintone and makes your lips look lush and full. I can't lie however, that YSL swatch has me totally excited for the review. D: I have an orange lipstick problem.

  2. That's so sweet. Thank you! Need to use YSL a bit more to review it, but don't have courage to wear it at work except as a stain. I will try to wear it all day this weekend :)



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