Friday, September 30, 2011

IMATS Haul: Hakuhodu Brushes, Ardell Lashes and more

Here's all the stuff I got from IMATS Sydney 2011.

This looks like a huge haul, but there were a lot of items that I skipped and now regret doing so. I'll try to remember how much I paid for each item in AUD. Not all products were discounted, but a lot of these products aren't readily available in Australian shops, so I did save a bit on shipping.

Unii Cosmetics Palette $20 – I've been thinking of depotting some of my bulky eyeshadows, and thought I'd give this palette a try. The Unii stall only had the blue and yellow palettes in stock, so I opted for a blue one. It looks great and seems very sturdy, though a bit on the heavy side. We'll see if I'll have the heart to depot my Urban Decay palettes.
Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè $25 – I didn't even catch Rae Morris mention this product, I only heard a couple of shoppers talk about it and I had to try it. At 75ml, it’s quite a bargain! If it does what it’s supposed to.
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Grandma $14 – I've read about these, so I wanted to try one. They were not that cheap so I only picked up one in a wearable coral shade. I didn't have any coral or orange-y lippies before, but I'm really liking this one.
MAC Eyeshadow in Satin Taupe $21 – I don't have any MAC eyeshadows, so I thought I'd better grab one to try and from what I recall this is a very popular shade. I also wanted to get Wedge, but they've ran out of that. I love how buttery this eyeshadow is, so I will probably purchase other shades, if I can find them cheaper than the usual RRP $35.

Stash for learning to apply falsies:

Ardell InvisiBand Lashes and Knot-Free Flares $7 each – Yes, I am a lemming. Lisa Eldridge mentioned these in her lash videos, and I just had to try them. I want to try almost everything that she recommends.
Ardell Lash Tite $8 – The salesperson told me that I had to use this for flares because DUO is too soft.
Duo Eyelash Adhesive $15 – Yes, Lisa also mentioned this in her video.
Lash Applicator and Lashes from Girlee Cosmetics $10 for both – These look like random stuff from China, but I really wanted to try the applicator, because I have tried to apply falsies one time and I was too clumsy that I dropped one on the floor. So I'm hoping this will help.

Here are the brushes! These were the first brushes and the last items I got from IMATS. I would have been better off getting a brush set from Royal & Langnickel as they were soft and inexpensive. But their stall was packed, and by the time I looked at their brushes, I had bought most of what I planned to get from other stalls.

Royal & Langnickel Brush Belt $12 - I think this would come in handy at makeup school. And the seamstress in me wants to make it in pretty fabrics.
Royal & Langnickel Silk-Pro Contour Brush $8 - I'm planning on trying this for foundation.
Designer Tools Metal Lash Comb $4 - Rae Morris recommends metal lash combs in her book, and metal lash combs aren't easy to find. Or I just never knew where to look for them.
Designer Tools Wide Eyeliner Brush $4 - This might come in handy for quick eyelining with eyeshadow.

I'm not really sure whether I've named these correctly, but here are more brushes that I need.

Crown Lip Brush $4 - I'm using this as a small concealer brush.
Crown Angled Eye Brush and Large Eye Shader Brush $6 each - I'm still learning how to use these, but they've been good enough for a quick wash of colour on my eyelids.
Crown Synthethic Flat Bronzer $20 - I've used this a couple of times as a foundation brush. It's very soft and people have complimented me on my "nice skin" so I'm very happy with it. It can't be the Loreal foundation because that has been a hit and miss with me.

And then there are the Hakuhodus which were a huge splurge. But they were so soft and lovely, I could not resist. These are not really reviews, but just me gushing about how exquisite these brushes are.

Hakuhodu G5528BkSL and G5522BkSL Eye Shadow Brushes $27 each - I have not really used this, except for feeling how soft it is against my skin.
Hakuhodu H601 Slide Face Brush $28 - I have used this a few times to finish off my face with some powder, and it is such a pleasure to use it on my face.
Hakuhodu S103 Powder Blush Brush $76 - I have only used this once for blush and it's so amazingly soft, and the result is so subtle and pretty. The white goat version is softer (but this vermillion handle is much prettier), and the blue squirrel version even more so (but that was way too expensive at $140.)

Whew! That was a lot of items to go through. But I could've done with a few more things :)
  • Illamasqua blush, eyeliner and lip gloss at 75% off Aussie retail prices
  • Unii palette in yellow
  • Girlee Cosmetics' Beauty So Clean makeup-sanitising products
  • Royal & Langnickel brush set
  • Makeup Forever HD powder
  • Inglot eyeshadows (I didn't know they were just $7 each)
  • More OCC Lip Tars
  • More MAC Eyeshadows
Ah, well. They'll just have to go into next year's IMATS shopping list.

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